Ясен и щъркелите / Yassen and the storks

Storks are quite “traditional” in Bulgaria.  As a child, growing up, I dug their nests on village electric posts; and then a bit later on I would marvel at their annual late-summer migration back south to Africa, staring at them in the hundreds of thousands passing by the Black Sea coast in a long, stretched-out bird cloud.

But, hey(!), you can fly with them, too!

I shot the video below during this flight today: http://forum.skynomad.net/leonardo/flight/14122

Difficult flying conditions, but still some nice distance (242km) over the northern part of Bulgaria, which I have not explored much at all, since I almost always fly in my local, and more technical, mountains of the SW.  But these flatlands in the north make flying across the whole country totally doable.  It’s just a matter of time.

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