I fly paragliders. This is what I do and what this website is mostly about. Plus some adventure, hiking and skiing, and naked girls, of course.

I learned how to paraglide at the age of 15. Since then much has changed, but not my love for this most simple way of getting high. The addiction stays strong.

Competition racing, tandem flying, and mixing paragliding with other mountain activities like skiing and hiking – those are the ways I express myself best – in the flesh and sometimes a bit online too.

Some competition results:

World Cup Croatia 2009 – 1st
World Cup Turkey 2009 – 3rd
European World Cup Tour 2009 – 1st
European Champion 2012
World Cup Macedonia 2014 – 2nd
World Cup Superfinal 2014 – 5th
Nordic Champion 2015
World Cup Serbia 2017 – 2nd
Multiple and current (2017) Bulgarian champion

Current holder of the Bulgarian straight distance (350km) and triangle (265km) cross country records.

Professional tandem experience: Nepal, Brazil, Bulgaria, Norway, Austria, Canada, Mozambique, South Africa.  Holder of Bulgarian, Austrian, Norwegian, Canadian, and South African tandem licenses.

If not racing or tandem flying, you may see me somewhere in the mountains walking with a small backpack on my back with my mountain wing inside, ready to play – on foot in summer, or on skis in winter time.