Kenya & Ethiopia XC Tours

My friend Niki Yotov has been exploring, flying, and guiding in Kenya and Ethiopia for the last 8 winters.  A true pioneer of the region, he’s discovered most of the known takeoffs and mapped the local convergence lines and XC routes.  This year I’m joining him, and you are welcome, too.  In Kenya or Ethiopia, let’s go back to Niki’s finest selection of flying sites, and keep exploring for more.

Kenya – 13-24 Jan 2020
Ethiopia – 3-14 Feb 2020

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Планината завива тънък бял мустак,
Топи го като сладолед ванилия, присръбва си от него даже,
И не спира да мечтае.
За нов сезон, на същия скалист балкон, от който да ни гледа как прелитаме,
И пак се смеем.
“Заповядайте в креслото. Настанете се удобно.”
Маестро, музика!

New Bulgarian FAI triangle record – 233km from Sopot

This last week the intense flying has been keeping me away from my computer, but here is a glimpse of a cool training flight I did for the Bulgarian-Polish Championships (happening now) and World Cup (starting this coming Sunday) in Sopot.  Not that we can go this far in the comps, but still, what a blast it is extending the possible another step further.  Challenging conditions with strong north wind falling off the big mountain, significant shadows and rain showers in the flats, and even an airport to take care of – but I did it – beating my Bulgarian record from same time last year.



After two tasks, I’m leading the Bulgarian-Polish Open.  Home feels goood.

Longest flight from west Bulgaria

Mountain flying’s cool.  Flatland flying – also.  But when you mix the two… your line slicing through the lows, mids and highs like a good dj through a mix, a knife through cake, changing gears when you have to, but going ever forward, slicing, slicing through the layers – there’s something extra technical and fulfilling about it.  Something that is very much present in Bulgarian flying and that I personally love and thrive in. Continue reading