It’s good to be home! New Bulgarian record flight from my home site – Vitosha/Sofia.

Maybe you’ve seen my photo story in XC Mag from two years ago, where I introduce the potential of SW Bulgaria, where I’m from:

Since then I’ve continued exploring the area, learning more and more about how this technical and complex terrain of mountains, hills, and flatlands to the south of Sofia works.  And it works well!

So here’s the second installment to my intro to flying the Bulgarian SW – right from my home mountain above Sofia – Vitosha.   In the video above you can see the connection I did two weeks ago from Vitosha, through the hills and flats south of it, to all the major peaks along the north face of Rila, and coming back to Sofia and Vitosha.  In doing so, I also beat my Bulgarian record for FAI triangle, setting the new one at 168km.

Here’s the track log:

If you wanna join me for some flying in my neighborhood, just let me know;)



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