Trofeo Montegrappa, 2015

I’m a little sad to have scored so badly in this edition of the Trofeo Montegrappa, main reason for that feeling being that conditions were so strong and good!  All three days I had a great first half of the race, pushing in front, but on each day I fucked up the second half.  3 out of 3 on the fuckup sheet seems a bit high even for such an experienced fuckuper as me.  I gotta chill down for next comp, because a result like this is a damn disgrace, I don’t care how much fun I had, it’s out of line, man.

On the bright side, we had a great time racing in the day with all the monkeys hyped up for the conditions, and then mellow, quality camp partying in the evenings in the company of my friends Junior, Analena, Pal, Giuseppe, and some other lost monkeys.

Respect again for my friend Honorin Hamard, who, just as in the last World Championships, dominated the game with style – controlling the crowd, but from the front, pushing.  Just perfect.  With his stellar performance on all three days he would have easily won the comp if in the first task he hadn’t had the bad luck to get a cravat just before the goal, which caused him to lose too much altitude fixing it, and so missed the goal by 600m…  Anyway, great job again, Honorin!  To me you’re the best pilot in the world at this moment.  But don’t get too relaxed, man – I’m onto you! haha!

Congratulations also to Uli Prinz for taking over Honorin and winning the Trofeo again!  I myself should learn something from his consistency and discipline.

Enjoy the video below, and cheers from my den in Bulgaria!  I just injured my knee falling in a hole in the forest while skiing, so I have the time to put some videos together.  BUT I’ll be back before you know it stronger and better and more beautiful, so watch out!

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