Cow Talk

Somewhere in the fields over Sopot, Bulgaria:

“Mama, why are the paragliders flying so low above us today?”

“Because it’s a stable day, baby. Remember what ‘stable’ means?”
“It’s the building where we live, and the horses too.”
“Haha! Sure, but it means something else, too. Remember our geography lesson from the other day? When the air is stable, it means that it’s not moving up and down much, that’s why there are no thermals, or only weak ones.”
“And that’s why stable days are good for learning paragliding!”
“When will I start learning, mama?”
“Come on, we’ve talked about this…”
“But how many times have I told you! Once upon a time, very far from here, there was a flying cow, and she was even doing acrobatics!”
“And I have told you, that such stories are called myths… But look now, two of them are coming from the snow fields. And the orange one is taking photos of us. Smile, baby!”
Thanks to François Ragolski for that spectacular photo in cow-riding infinity over the lake at Voss, Norway! You have bull balls and the skills to use them, man! Respect.
All other photos by Veso Ovcharov and me at Sopot, Bulgaria, 10.05.2021.