Shapes of Pirin

The curves of a woman or the curves of Pirin, it’s a similar affair, the passion is real, and love is strongest in spring and spring is strongest in love is strongest in the crisp air, between snow and sky, all is clear, the peaks are calling, goats and people feeling the urge, subconscious, go up, go up and feed yourselves, my children, says god, and we obey, in snow and sun and happiness, passengers on these slopes crossing paths, marking territory, we are here, and we’re alive, scavenging for the food these bodies crave, stalks of grass or fields of snow, we go feeding, eyes wide open, reflecting the shine of the crystals and things as they are, as they should be, pure and beautiful, we are players in the white garden.

pano-ot-Todorka-nazad---b&w-(narrow) - web

IMG_0682-b&w - web





pano tqsna nazad - b&w - web




005X7343 - b&w

photo of me: Ivan Obreikov

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