French Open 2017, Laragne, Task 4

“Let’s ride ten miles up,

Just inside the stratosphere,

More sky, more blue jets,

Stream by, you’re gonna love it here.” *

After this comp, I feel like I should say “thank you”.  Thank you to mother nature for the sunny playground of perfect ridges, turquoise lakes and powerful thermals – a playground that binds together with the adjacent area of St. André as my favorite place for racing in the world.  Thank you to the organizers for making the comp and for inviting me and the Slovenians.  And thank you to the French pilots for giving me another lesson in mountain flying.  Actually, the lesson was so good that I won the last two days.  The footage above is from the first one of those – task 4 – epic!

I hope the organizers keep their ambition to organize a World Cup in Laragne in 2019.  There is really no other place I’d rather go to.

p.s. By the way, my last words in the video are directed to the fly, not to Tilen.  I got only love for Tilen.

* Music: Róisín Murphy – “Ten Miles High”

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