Longest flight from west Bulgaria

Mountain flying’s cool.  Flatland flying – also.  But when you mix the two… your line slicing through the lows, mids and highs like a good dj through a mix, a knife through cake, changing gears when you have to, but going ever forward, slicing, slicing through the layers – there’s something extra technical and fulfilling about it.  Something that is very much present in Bulgarian flying and that I personally love and thrive in.

This is the new mixed terrain line I drew the other day, which happens to be the longest flight ever made from west Bulgaria – 274km.  Too bad the conditions died out earlier than normal, so I couldn’t finish the flight at my chosen destination – the beach of Alexandroupolis, Greece.  That’s alright, though – more cake for next time.

And more Bulgarian mixed terrain flying – at World Cup Sopot, starting next month!

Kurdjali and Kurdjali dam

Studen Kladenets dam

Tracklog: http://forum.skynomad.net/leonardo/flight/26709

Visualisation: http://doarama.com/view/2319256

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